StayDisplays Banner Stands and Portable Displays


The X-Banner F & F2 are highly

adjustable stands for banners with

grommets. Telescoping fiberglass

arms and a strong PVC hub with

locking gears support a wide range

of banner sizes. The back support

pole also adjusts to change the

display angle. It comes with a

deluxe zippered carrying case.

F Size Range: 24” to 44” wide

72”to 78” tall

F2 Size Range: 40” to 48” wide

88” to 96” tall

X-Banner F



The X-Banner G is a compact stand with graphite arms and aluminum legs. The

center pole slides up, and is locked in place inside the tripod base. It collapses

down in one piece and comes with a zippered nylon canvas bag.

G Size Range: 24” to 32” wide x 54” to 74” tall

G2 Size Range: 24” to 48” wide x 72” to 88” tall

X-Banner G



X-Banner C
Well built with thick aluminum legs, graphite arms, and a hard PVC hub. Strong supports and a wide base keep this stand sturdy. The support legs are a fixed length, so when the width of the banner increases, the maximum height decreases.
X-Banner C1
Size Range: 20”to 24”wide x 60”to 64”tall
X-Banner C2
Size Range: 30”to 32”wide x 70”to 72”tall
X-Banner C
Size Range: 40”to 48”wide x 72”to 78”tall